Guaranteed Non-Paranormal Countermagical Bee Balm Bare Root cuttings (USA ONLY)

from Nym

Guaranteed Non-Paranormal Bee Balm Bare Roots (USA only)
Pictured: bee balm blossom in the summer, basal rosettes in the winter, bare root material, an example of a crudely potted bare root plant in a recycled plastic container, and a stock picture of bee balm plants in late spring.

Behold the Countermagical bee balm (Monarda didyma-amagicae), a North-America native whose crushed leaves emit the fragrance of a sweetly perfumed oregano. Its flowers burst with a vibrant red in early summer, attracting swarms of beneficial insects and human admirers. A tremendously hardy plant, bee balm requires little water, little light, little attention, and is adaptable to zones 4-9.

In the fall, the flowers senesce, but the plant itself goes to earth -- sending low-lying stems across the ground and forming the next season’s expression in the form of basal rosettes. Once established, bee balm spreads rapidly in this manner, providing you with ample root cuttings of your own within a season or two.

A single order of bare roots can be cut into multiple pieces, yielding multiple distinct plants. Bare root plants arrive packed in damp sawdust. Loosely bury these unassuming scraps of plant material in garden soil, in the ground or in a pot. If your bare root cuttings contain any basal rosettes, you may orient the plant so that the rosette sticks above the soil. It’s hard to get this part wrong, but for more information, please see this video from a trusted professional:

Unlike plants purchased at other nurseries, our red bee balm has been carefully selected to be free of curses, jinxes, hexes, charms, and other supernatural qualities. Buy with confidence! These plants will not bring with them any spiritual afflictions or malevolent entities.

NOTE on shipping: these non-paranormal bare roots are in limited supply and must be shipped with respect to weather conditions in the United States. While bee balm is extremely hardy, I will avoid shipping to locations currently in a hard freeze. Apologies to non-USA customers -- I am unable to ship live plants internationally, but Bandcamp doesn't allow me to disable international orders. So, I set the shipping price to be prohibitively high. Any international orders placed will be refunded in full.

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